To ensure the delivery of the best solution and level of service, INFINET has worked closely with nation’s largest U.S. distributors and several of the areas wholesalers.  We have a longstanding relationship with each of these proven vendors who continue to supply us with reliable products in a timely manner.  You do not have to buy your hardware and software through us.  However, when you do, we will guarantee the product will be compatible with your system and we will meet your timeline.

Hardware and Software Products

As Authorized Dealer and VAR (value-added reseller) of most major hardware manufacturers and software developers, Infinet Systems can provide a broad range of high quality and state-of-the-art products including a full-line of IBM compatible personal computers, hardware and networking products, as well as software packages, to meet both your technology needs and your budget.  Our IT professionals and sales support staffs will team up to assist you in gaining control of their technology investments.


Software Licensing Analysis

Major software manufacturers are cracking down on pirated versions of software, and companies that don't abide by the licensing agreements required for software use. To minimize your liability exposure, we offer licensing analysis of your entire network including a detailed written summary by workstation and make recommendations about possible areas of concern.

For quotes on hardware products, software applications, open license, government pricing, please contact us.