Service Contracts


Service contracts can be setup for the needs and budgets of almost any company. We offer flexible plans that range from a few hours to prepaid plans offering tremendous discounts, and several options in between. Whether your needs are short term or ongoing, we will work with you to develop a service plan and contract that are tailored to your IT support needs…and budget.


Some of our more popular plans include:

  • Block of hours with discounted rate

  • Prepaid monthly/annual 

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Hourly support

  • Temporary IT staffing

  • Long term IT support

Block of Hours Contract

It is a prepaid service contract for a fixed amount of time at a discounted rate. These contracts expire after one year or until the hours are used up whichever comes first. Below is an example of the cost savings to your company. Please contact the account manager for more information.