Software Development

and Programming

Off the shelf software doesn't always provide the functionality you need to do your job. Sometimes it is necessary to modify it, or build custom interfaces to enable communication with other software applications or communication devices such as mobile phones or Personal Digital Assistants. Our development team possesses the skills and experience to customize, integrate and wirelessly enable your software to extend its' functionality, accessibility and performance. 


Software Re-engineering

If your software matches the majority of your functional requirements, and only needs minor customization or re-configuration, it may make sense to evaluate our software re-engineering solutions including:


  • Operating system migration

  • Database migration

  • Functionality and business logic enhancement

  • Application architecture modifications


Software Development & Co-Development

In circumstances where readily available software solutions don't meet your needs, we can develop custom applications from scratch or work with your internal development team to co-develop solutions in the domains of enterprise application mobilization, e-business system integration, or e-healthcare.

Previous projects have included


  • Mobile access to enterprise e-mail systems

  • Mobile access to business applications

  • Mobile platform monitoring systems

  •  Business automation using third party integration servers