Why is Voice over IP so attractive?


  • Save money 
    You can use your existing WAN to transport internal voice traffic. Where traditional voice lines are expensive - international calls, for example - the cost savings can be immense.


  • Simplify 
    Where voice and data run on the same network, you can expect significant operational improvements. It's far easier to change IP terminals, for example.


  • Add value 
    The most interesting benefits will come from innovative applications and e-business integration, increasing productivity, customer loyalty and competitiveness.


  • Everyone knows that the cost of a telephone call increases with distance. But does it have to?
    It's proven! Voice/Fax over IP will provide long distance connections at local rates. A key point about the Internet is that, because of the way ISPs cooperate to carry each other's traffic, distance becomes irrelevant. As the amount of available bandwidth increases, there's less and less reason why voice traffic can't be carried across the Internet. They are, after all, just another type of data.

Voice over IP will allow you to communicate with your facilities throughout the world as simply and inexpensively as dialing the extension of the office next door.