Domain Registration & Hosting

Are you looking to put your name or company on the Internet?


Do you like the idea of your friends or customers finding your name, company or website on the Internet by just typing "www.[your_name].com"?


You can by registering a Domain Name and have it hosted by your ISP or Iconnex and do just that. Organizing hosting for your site needn't be a hassle. With some basic information, we can organize the entire process for you quickly and efficiently.


Another service INFINETConnections offered is Domain registration. Normally an individual would simply log onto a registrar's website and proceed with registering for the domain name of their choosing. For our clients who do have the means to personally signup or who would prefer that someone else handle the registration, we offer the service for a fee to register your domain name.


Domain Names are being registered at the rate of 15,000 per day, and showing no signs of slowing. Act now to reserve the domain of your choice. Let us configure the hosting based on your request.


Web Hosting

Whether you are looking for a personal Web Hosting service or require high-transaction Web site, bandwidth-intensive applications, sensitive data protection needs or run sophisticated Web tools, we are here for you.


Our focus is solely on your Web presence — namely its security, performance and availability. That's why we offer a full-suite of Managed Services to keep your site running at optimal performance. Our highly trained staff will provide you with the peace-of-mind in knowing that your site is available, secure and ready for all visitors.  


Contact us today and allow us to customize a solution to fit your needs.  

Email Hosting

INFINETConnections offers a service called “Internet Email”. This is a client controllable email system that is 100% accessible via the Internet. We configure your account on our server and setup email for the number of accounts you require. When this is done, you and your staff will be able to access individual email wherever Internet access is available.


Unlike Microsoft’s Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, you can monitor and control all passwords and access to the company email or keep the control with INFINETConnections. We can even customize how your opening page will look when accessed. Not many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will offer you this kind of service. We even provide first level anti-virus protection.


We support multiple platforms including POP, IMAP and Web based Email. 


Anti Virus & Spam Filtering

Our virus and spam filtering service is meant to be the first line of defense, in the ongoing war against those who wish to destroy a company’s infrastructure. Our experienced staff of technicians monitors and maintains the latest virus detection equipment so you don’t have to.


Infinet Connections will scan ALL incoming E-mails for viruses with NO change to your existing internal configuration


Virus Protection

We take virus detection very seriously and have dedicated multiple resources including full time staff members and the latest detection technology.


While no company can guarantee complete protection from a virus, Infinet Connections goes beyond the norm to assure our clients are protected with the latest software/hardware available. We update our virus protection programs daily to assure our clients are protected. For the current top ten list of the most active viruses posted as identified by Trend Micro click here. Some of the viruses you might recognize from the high profile media releases. Others, although not as publicized are just as detrimental to computer systems. 


SPAM Problem?

Infinet Connections offers our valued clients the ability to detect and eliminate SPAM mail. Let Infinet Connections host your Internet mail and our staff of professionals will handle the rest. Avoid the hundreds of annoying e-mails that have nothing to do with your business, simply allow Infinet Connections to assist you in dictating what content ever reaches your company via e-mail.